I haven't updated in AGES. We had a fun weekend, with an aunt, uncle, and cousin coming to visit. The kids loved having their cousin around! Especially my Little Miss, who was utterly enamored and kept trying to give her hugs and kisses. They played inside and at the park. They were so busy!

The nice weather held through yesterday, so we broke out the swings and played in the yard for at least an hour. 


The Plague

I've been pretty quiet these past few weeks because we're on week three of being sick. Just when we'd all pretty much recovered from one cold, we got hit by another. Little Miss E came down with it first, and since yesterday was day 9 for her without improvement, I took her to see the pediatrician to check for infection. It turns out that the ear that concerned me (due to her not wanting to lay on that side and nurse, plus her poking her finger in that ear while eating), has a big ball of wax shoved way back in there by the eardrum. The doctor said she could flush it, but doing so would cause a lot of pain if the ear was infected, and since baby girl was acting so sick (her appetite and wet diapers have decreased drastically over the past few days) at a time when we should be seeing improvement, we should assume she has a sinus or ear infection and treat it accordingly. Probably most upsetting for me is that E lost almost half a pound since last month! She weighed in at 18 lbs, 9 oz, down from 19 and a some change at her 16 month weigh in. Petite as she is, I hate to see her lose any weight. I hope she gets her appetite back soon.

The boys and I have all been sick for about half as long, and we're feeling crummy but it appears to be just a nasty head cold for us. Daddy is the only one who has escaped illness thus far. Which makes me think of a news article I read awhile back about how studies have shown that individuals are more attracted to mates who have different Major Histiocompatibility Complex genes, which are linked to the immune system. Nailed it! I don't think I could have found a man who gets sick less than my husband. It's rather unfair, but of course also a great help when the rest of us are laying around, groaning, holding tissues and feeling like our sinuses are about to spontaneously explode.


Photos of Our Zoo





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